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Pupils’ Learning Opportunities in Contexts where Bullying Occurs

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The PhD-project comprises an investigation of the complex relations between contexts where bullying occurs and pupils’ academic learning opportunities. Among the questions considered are: what kind of forces are at play in the relationship between contexts influenced by bullying and pupils’ academic learning opportunities? How can this relationship be understood?

Rather than assuming that contexts marked by bullying influence pupils’ academic learning opportunities, the approach applied is that there can be ambiguous and multifarious stories about whether and how pupils experience inter-linkages between bullying and their subject related learning opportunities.

The aim with the PhD project is to develop knowledge about bullying as a phenomenon, with the overall objective of providing a foundation upon which teachers can transform insight into qualified action in primary and (lower) secondary school.

The project is primarily empirical (inspired by a grounded theory approach developed by Kathy Charmaz among others), but has theoretical roots in learning theories which perceive learning as both cognitive processes and social practice in the form of participation. The primary theoretical source of inspiration is Anna Sfard and Paul Cobb, who have worked theoretically and empirically to combine cognitive and social aspects of pupils’ learning processes.

The research design is based on participant observation of teaching situations and qualitative interviews with pupils.
Effective start/end date01/01/201101/01/2014

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