Making Data Work Visible: Business Intelligence in Healthcare

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This project is part of the project "Making Data Work Visible: Knowledge, skills and changing professions in healthcare".

The purpose is to identify the skills and tasks that constitute data work in a Business Intelligence unit (BIU) and local hospital wards as well as which roles and professions that conduct it. This will be done on the basis of ethnographic studies and qualitative methods.

The study is based on literature of data, data work, information technology, and professions, as well as an exploratory field study of a BIU in Central Region Denmark, which since its establishment in 2012 constantly has developed its task and competence portfolio. The field study involves participant-observation at the unit and semi-structured interviews with employees and managers. At the same time, this serves as a starting point for investigating who performs data work on hospitals and the local wards as well as what constitute this work.

The aim of the project is to generate in-depth empirical knowledge of the staff’s data practices and accordingly, there will be a focus on the staff members’ skills and daily work, e.g., who conducts which tasks with data, what educational background and experience they have, as well as which skills and competences they had to acquire. In addition, there will be a focus on work practices in relation to work with data, who they collaborate with, and how cooperation takes place across the BIU and the relevant hospital wards. In continuation hereof the field study forms the basis for an exploration of how data work tasks and professions change within the healthcare system.
Short titleMaking Data work Visible
Effective start/end date01/01/202121/04/2024


  • data work
  • business intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Data Visualisation
  • machine learning
  • Algorithms
  • Ethnography


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