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Sound and flavour in the brain: Modelling auditory influences on food perception and eating behavior

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Eating is perhaps the most life-critical multisensory experience we encounter on a daily basis. However, the contribution of information from particular sensory modalities, especially sound, has been widely neglected and under-exploited in answering the essential question of why people eat what they do.
This unique interdisciplinary project aims to enable a major paradigm shift in our understanding of fundamental neural mechanisms of audition and food perception, by uncovering how sound can influence the brain's encoding of flavour and food reward, as well as our subsequent eating behaviour.
The research goal is to uncover how sound can influence the brain's encoding of flavour and food-related reward by combining psychological, neurological, computational, and sensory research methods. With this novel and cross-boundary approach, we intend to make substantial contributions to our knowledge of how the brain integrates information across various sensory modalities to form people’s cognitive and emotional responses to food. Equally significantly, by introducing sound as a novel tool to nudge healthy food choices and eating behaviour at home as well as in key public eating environments, results from the project could help to mitigate the current diet-based publish health crisis world wide.

Funding: Faculty of Science and Technology AU Start Grant

Collaborator: Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford, UK; Department of Computer Science, York, St John University, UK; Music in the Brain CoE AU; Centre of Art and Science, Universidad de Tres de Febrero, Argentina; Department of Marketing, Norwegian Business School, Norway.
Effective start/end date01/09/201801/10/2021

ID: 149028621