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Løgstrup's Critique of Kierkegaard

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  • Rabjerg, Bjørn (Award holder)
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In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in Løgstrup, nationally as well as internationally. Prominent thinkers have written on Løgstrup, and since 2008 14 books in the series Løgstrup Biblioteket have been published. The controversy with Kierkegaard is crucial to Løgstrup’s thought and brings together central motives in his writings. Surprisingly, however, only smaller studies have hitherto been conducted into this major controversy between the two greatest Danish philosophical-theological thinkers. This project is an attempt to supply this desideratum by conducting the first comprehensive, in-depth investigation of the controversy. The working thesis is that Løgstrup’s Kierkegaard is mediated, and that only a consideration of the existential theology of K. Olesen Larsen makes a deeper and adequate understanding of Løgstrup’s critique possible. Thus, this project distinguishes itself from previous investigations, which find that either Løgstrup misunderstands Kierkegaard , or he finds in him undiscovered implications.
Effective start/end date15/01/201431/07/2017

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  • Løgstrup, Kierkegaard, Olesen Larsen, Philosophy, Theology, Existentialism

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