Listening to students’ voices: testing QTI in a Danish context

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The "Listening to students’ voices: testing QTI in a Danish contex" project involves empirically validating and testing a questionnaire on students' perceptions of their teacher’s teaching (QTI stands for: Questionnaire on Teachers’ Interaction).
QTI was developed by Dutch researchers at Utrecht University (Wübbels et al. 2011; 2005)*.
For the first time in a Danish context the questions are being tested empirically and validated by a factor analysis.The project carries out a validation of this comparative questionnaire translation, which contains a total of 64 questions and is being empirically tested in secondary classes in a Danish context for the first time. It is not possible to use the QTI questionnaire by simply translating the questions from English or Dutch without testing them first qualitatively for students’ understandings of the questions, due to linguistic, cultural and educational differences between the Dutch and the Danish contexts, and then testing the validity via a quantitative factor analysis. The 64 issues / items have followed the comparative standard for the translation process. 
This process entailed forward and backward translation by experienced translators: first forward from the internationally recognized English version to Danish by one translator and then backward by another translator. These 64 items were then compared in the two languages, and the questions were analyzed from pedagogical and cultural perspectives in relation to a Danish upper-secondary school context. Then the questions were qualitatively tested to determine how the students’ understood the questions and through interviews with 48 upper-secondary school students. A factor analysis is being undertaken of the responses from approximately 500 students at two high schools.
Lund Larsen, Lea (Project Manager, academic)
Cozart, Stacey Marie (Project participant)
Lund, Rolf Lyneborg (Projektdeltager)ekstern associate professor at Aalborg Universitet
*Wubbels, T. & Levy, J., 2005. Do you knowwhat you look like? Interpersonal Relationsships in Education, The FalmerPress.Wubbels, T. et al., 2011. Let’s make things better. Development inReasearch on Interpersonal Relationsships in Education. In T. Wubbels, ed. Interpersonalrelationships in education. Sense Publishers.
Effective start/end date01/04/201601/01/2017

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