Legal Constructions of Religion and Nonreligion (project under Non-religion in A Complex Future)

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This projects explores how religion and nonreligion appear in the context of law and legal debates, including how they are constructed (defined, represented, and applied) through the lens of public and legal controversies including same sex marriage, reproductive rights, medical assistance in dying, and Covid-19 restrictions.
The Law team has chosen the legalization of same sex marriage as their research focus, gathering documents and conducting a discourse analysis on parliamentary debates and legal cases in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Law team is now analyzing their data and comparing their findings across countries.
Led by: Paula Montero, Juan Marco Vaggione, Lori Beaman
Working Group: Rebecca Banham (post-doc), Maximiliano Campana (post-doc), Cory Steele (research assistant), Emily Kohn (research assistant), Guadalupe Allione Riba (research assistant), Guilherme Borges (research assistant), Stian Alexander Skandsen (research assistant), Vanessa Warren (research assistant), Camila Nicácio (contributor), Helge Årsheim (contributor), Hugo Rabbia (contributor), Karoline Marie Donskov Dige (contributor), Lene Kühle (contributor)

Effective start/end date01/09/202101/09/2025