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Learning to interact: development of alignment skills in ASD

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  • University of Connecticut
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Interactive alignment (IA) has been argued to underlie not only successful social interactions (Pickering & Garrod, 2004), but also language development. By re-using each other’s language, the child and the caregiver engage each other, and the child acquires new linguistic skills and receives feedback on their use (Nguyen & Delvaux, 2015; Messum & Howard 2015). However, little is known about how the ability to align develops, and how social impairment, such as in Autism Spectrum Disorder, might affect it. We ask two questions: i) how do patterns of IA change as the child and her cognitive and social skills develop? and ii) what is the effect of ASD (and its varied spectrum of social and cognitive profiles) on IA?
The project will employ natural language and speech processing techniques to investigate a large longitudinal corpus (30 children with ASD, 30 controls, age 2-5 years, ca. 400 videos) of parent-child playful interactions.
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