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Better quality management of root crops with innovative washing techniques before retail supply (KvaliRod)

Project: Research

  • Limfjords Danske Rodfrugter
  • Gl. Estrup Gartneri
  • Cabinplant A/S
  • Airvention ApS
  • Gasa Odense Frugt – Grønt A.m.b.a.
  • ISI Food Protection ApS
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The aim of this project is to prolong shelf life of root crops in the supply chain by use of innovative washing and decontamination techniques before packaging for retail supply.
There are increasing challenges with the shelf life of packaged, organic and conventional root crops because of rotting following washing and brushing of the roots before packaging. Carrots may get slightly superficial black spots and become slimy due to growth and proliferation of microorganisms. This restricts export to far-distance countries such as China, where there is a high demand for organic products. Root crops in itself have a long shelf life but washing and polishing after harvest and storage at room temperature in plastic materials in retail stores limits the shelf life. The primary output of this project is to reduce tissue wounding during washing and brushing, to develop and test the hot water treatment method as an environmentally friendly and gentle decontamination technique and to explore the possibilities of using naturally antimicrobial compounds e.g. thyme oil for the washing of root crops. We expect that new innovative techniques will reduce food waste by 5% in retail and 30% by consumers. From a societal point of view, it will reduce climate change and improve resource utilization. Improved quality and longer shelf life will increase customer satisfaction and improve the market power of the Danish root crop sector through increased production, higher efficiency and more export.
Funding: Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP) under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.
Collaborators: Limfjords Danske Rodfrugter, Gl. Estrup Gartneri A/S, Cabinplant A/S, SOBEC EMEA ApS, Airvention ApS, GASA Odense Frugt-Grønt a.m.b.a., ISI Food Protection ApS
Effective start/end date01/10/201730/09/2021

ID: 129074837