Knowledge in science and policy: Creating an evidence base for converging modes of governance in policy and science

  • Thomas, Duncan Andrew (PI)

Project: Research

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Sweden currently devotes about 2% of GDP (SEK 74.1 billion, 2013 figures) to higher education and research (HER). How does this expenditure translate into ensuring the long term provision of knowledge in Sweden? What type of mechanisms and tools do HER stakeholders and policymakers use and need to ensure the sustainability of HER systems? This project seeks to answer these questions by investigating how the policy and science systems co-produce conditions for sustainable knowledge provision. We will describe and analyse the interplay between policy instruments for governing HER, and the informal rules and processes developed for ensuring the validity and quality of knowledge produced in HER. Our research is organized around three key functional areas through which governance of HER is conducted: (i) priority setting, (ii)funding instruments, and (iii)evaluation. Our research plan aims to realize three ambitions: (i) building capacity in research on HER; (ii) developing useful knowledge for policy, in dialogue with HER stakeholders, and (iii) advancing the frontier of knowledge about the governance of HER.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2021


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