Keeping It Simple Study (KISS) – Pain science education for patients with chronic muskuloskeletal pain undergoing community based rehabilitation

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Problem: The number of patients living with chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain has steadily increased over the past decade with costs rising equally. Long-standing pain is associated with significant maladaptive beliefs about pain, psychological characteristics and associated behaviors which involve structural and functional neurobiological characteristics which share common pathophysiological mechanisms as chronic pain. Our recent priority setting partnership investigated the research priorities from 1000 patients with chronic MSK pain, relatives and clinicians (1). Better pain education was rated as one of the three most important research areas.

Solution: Pain science education has the potential to target maladaptive psychological and behavioral components that may contribute to the maintenance of chronic pain. The KISS project will evaluate the effect of a pain neuroscience education program (PNE4Adults) on rehabilitation outcomes in patients with chronic MSK pain. This intervention has the potential to change beliefs and behaviors surrounding pain in patients with chronic MSK pain. If this is successful in disrupting maladaptive cycles contributing to chronicity, this may improve outcomes for many thousand citizens.
Effective start/end date01/01/202431/12/2026


  • Karen Elise Jensens Fond: DKK2,100,000.00