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IPM2.0 for sustainable control of potato late blight - exploiting pathogen population data for optimized Decisions Support Systems

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IPMBlight 2.0 aims at validating the IPM 2.0 concept, with potato late blight as a case study. To this end, it will analyze genotypic (WP1) and phenotypic (WP2) variation in reference collections of the pathogen sampled from sexual and clonal populations collected in partner countries, and develop new DSS models while adjusting existing ones to offer risk assessment based on both epidemiological, weather-driven infection likelihood and pathogen phenotypes (WP3). The new DSS modules will therefore be able to best inform tactical choices (‘should I spray now?’) and strategic decisions (‘can I trust this resistant cultivar? how can I adjust my spraying schedule accordingly?) for improved late blight control.
Effective start/end date25/04/201631/12/2018

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