Intelligent farming and health control in landbased recirculating aquaculture systems INTELLIRAS

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Production of fish in land-based aquaculture contributes significantly to the production of animal protein in the human food-supply chain in the Nordic countries. Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) is an environmentally sustainable solution that is
becoming increasingly relevant for land-based aquaculture. However, production and health management are considerable
challenges which limit production performance.

In this project we will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and statistical models to aid the transition from
a human experience-based management of RAS production to a knowledge-based automatic one. Feed management, feeding and feed
waste is a major challenge to production. In marine aquaculture, video systems are widely used to observe the fish. This has not yet
been implemented in RAS systems. Within this project we will apply deep learning tools on recordings of thousands of video sequences
of fish, teaching computer systems how the fish react and use this in feed management and health monitoring. We aim at developing a
closed loop control feeding system to optimize growth and limit feed waste and at the same time explore the possibilities of an early
detection system for health monitoring.
Effective start/end date01/03/202101/09/2024


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