InnoSweet: Integrated perception, psychology, and physiology for maintaining sweetness perception via sugar replacement and reduction for value added healthy beverage applications

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  • University of Oxford, Oxford
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Overall Aim: To apply a scientific-based integrated sensory perception-, psychological- and neuro-physiological (PPP) approach in industry-driven innovation of SRR-beverages enabling lower sugar content whilst maintaining acceptable sweetness perception, to better mimic SBBs. Background: Sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) are a main source of added dietary sugar. High sugar intake is associated with excessive energy intake and life style diseases. In food production there has been emphasis on reducing the sugar content in the beverages using alternative sweeteners. However, many of the sugar-reduced or -replaced (SRR) beverages are not perceived as ‘identical’ to SSBs. Perception and acceptance of sweetness differs between individuals due to sensory psychological factors, brain-rewarding systems and physiological responses. Hence, these factors can be exploited as active tools to model sweetness perception and acceptance of products with reduced sugar content. Approach: -An identification of PPP-factors for maintaining sweetness perception and acceptance, -Application of this knowledge in industrial development of SRR-beverages and - A demonstration of the effectiveness of SSR beverages in terms of physiological responses and an estimate of economic and societal gain across beverage markets. Impact: State of the art understanding of PPP as factors and necessary tools in maintaining sweetness perception and acceptance of SRR-beverages. Through access to multidisciplinary knowledge on human sweetness perception in sense, mind and brain research combined with knowhow from the ingredients and beverage industries, we will develop an approach to apply the knowledge effectively obtaining the right balance between health and consumer acceptance of SRR-beverages ultimately lowering the sugar intake.

Funding: Grand Solution Project: Innovation Fund Denmark

Collaborator:-Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine, Associate professor, Per Bendix Jeppesen.-Oxford University, Department of Experimental Psychology, Professor Charles Spence & Post-Doctoral Researcher Janice Wang -Copenhagen University, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Professor, Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen-DuPont Nutrition and Health, Principal Investigator, Stine Møller -Carlsberg Research Laboratory, Health and Nutrition Science Manager, Morten Georg Jensen and Sensory Manager, Sidsel Jensen.-Rynkeby, Innovation & Product Development Manager, Dr. Anette Thybo
Effective start/end date01/02/201731/01/2021


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