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Improving quality of bananas by optimizing postharvest processes

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Maersk Container Industry (MCI) have engaged Aarhus University (AU), Department of Food Science in a 3 year project with the objectives of understanding and improving the reefer transportation of fruit and vegetables in particular bananas. The project addresses different steps in the transportation and handling chain from farms to consumers. This type of partnerships is a reflection on the increased need to deliver new innovative improvements in products and processes.

The target of the MCI project is to be able to deliver better quality of bananas at the same or lower cost than today. Optimizing postharvest approaches and identifying novel solution and technologies not only increases the sustainability of our food chain but it also adds new knowledge needed to reduce food waste along the chain and therefore reduce the footprint of our transport and distribution systems. The project involves the specialized postharvest facility at Department of Food Science, AU where it is possible to replicate, simulate and control microclimate conditions representative of postharvest handling systems.

The project is run by project Leader Associate Professor Merete Edelenbos and Postdoc Alexandru Luca.

Contact info:
email: merete.edelenbos@food.au.dk; phone: 29450133
email: luca@food.au.dk; phone: 89154879

Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2020

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