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Identification and elucidation of bioactivity of new compounds excreted into milk as the result of introduction of novel feeds and/or anti-methanogenic feed additives in diets for cattle

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It is the aim of the PhD project to develop and validate (in this PhD: on 3-4 new feed additives) a methodological approach for identification and safety assessment of unknown compounds that potentially could be excreted into milk (or accumulated in meat) when novel feed additives are being introduced to markedly reduce enteric methane emission to be able to comply with climate goals defined by the EU, the Danish government, as well as the dairy/beef industry.
Methane reduction efficiency and safety assessed of 3-4 new anti-methanogenic feed additives, which are presently being researched at AU as part of IFD projects: compound X and Nordic hemisphere macroalgae. 1) Validated targeted methods will be refined to accurately quantify compound X and possible break-down products in biological samples (e.g. blood, milk and meat). 2) Untargeted metabolomics approaches will be used to identify hitherto unknown compounds excreted into milk, when macroalgae or compound X based feed additives are included in cow diets.
The project is funded by AU-Arla PhD Fellowhsip, GSTS and IFD.
Effective start/end date01/05/202130/04/2024

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