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Thermochemical Processing for Biomass Conversion & Nutrient Recovery using Engineered Wetland Systems [Willow-Salix viminalis].

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  • CHEC Research Centre
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • University of Copenhagen
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We are studying the thermochemical processes of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC); we want to investigate whether phosphorus can be recovered by producing pyrochars and hydrochars from yearly willows harvested in constructed wetlands after treating wastewater.

We are also investigating the characterisation and obtention of activated carbons ( produced with physical and chemical methods to assess their potential to treat micropollutants.

Key findings

Pyrochar, Pyrolysis, Biochar, Hydrochar, HTC, Activated Carbon
Short titlePyrolysis & HTC for willow biomass conversion
Effective start/end date02/11/202031/12/2023

    Research areas

  • Pyrolysis, biomass, Biochar, phosphorus recovery, water reclamation, willow system, pyrochar, HTC, hydrochar, hydrothermal carbonisation

ID: 218608577