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Brain research, Learning and Teaching

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  • Research Programme in Diversity and Learning
  • Department of Learning
  • Research Unit in Cognition and Neuro Science
  • Subjektivering, Køn og Diversitet
  • UCC
  • Dansk Psykologisk Forlag
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The research project "Brain research, Learning and Teaching" aims to link brain research, learning and teaching . Today, we know a great deal about how the brain functions, but we do not know how to use this knowledge to organise teaching and learning. Our hypothesis is that there is a connection between the maturation of the brain, myelinisation of particular areas of the brain and children's ability to understanding more or less complicated linguistic expressions and mathematical problems. This knowledge is important for the planning of teaching. Over the past three years, a group of researchers with different scientific expertise (neurobiology, neuropsychology, pædagogik  and didaktik) have cooperated to collect empirical material in a longitudinal study , primarily at DPU and Hvidovre Hospital. This cooperation is very unique as the data represent such different aspects of the development of 90 normal children ages 7-12 over three years. The data have been collected in such a way that every six months, for each child, a set has been created of five kinds of data: 1) Data from MR scans, 2) Results of cognitive tests, 3) Reading tests, 4) Mathematics test, 5) Observation of Danish and mathematics instruction. There is great potential in using brain research to elucidate learning processes. In order to exploit this potential, brain researchers must work closely together with experts from other fields in the areas of education and pedagogy. This is exactly what we do in this project. The project is longitudinal , and the collection of data will take place over the next three years,  2010 - 2013. The results of the research project will be published regularly in journals and/or books.
Effective start/end date01/01/200701/01/2013

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