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Grass Biochar – production of energy from press pulp residue from green protein biorefining for operation of the refining process and production of valuable biochar

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The purpose of the Grass Biochar project is to use a combined Steam Drying and Pyrolysis process (DTP) to produce green energy to drive the bio-refining process while producing Biochar of the fiber fraction from grass protein production.
Hereby, two barriers for spreading the green biorefining concept can be overcome:
- that the process requires large amounts of energy, which should be green if production is to be climate-sustainable
that a high value must be created of all factions if it is to be economically sustainable. Fractions of the pulp that are not suitable for cattle silage or biogas production, such as the late-developed grass with a high lignin content, as well as grasses from pastures and meadows that are only harvested once or twice per year, are excellently suitable for energy and biochar production using The DTP process.
The integrated plant must contribute to making grass protein production flexible to implement according to local conditions and fully sustainable, both environmentally and economically, which can create the breakthrough for it in Denmark and abroad.
The project is funded by GUDP.
AcronymGrass Biochar
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2022

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