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Global Ports and Shipping

Project: Research

  • Hansen, Annette Skovsted (PI)
  • Nicolaisen, Martin Arvad (Participant)
  • Gonen, Ehud (Participant)
  • Hirai, Shoko (Participant)
  • Gomez, Christopher A. (Participant)
  • Lutmar, Carmela (Participant)
  • Haraguchi, Takeshi (Participant)
  • Haifa University, Haifa Research Centre for Maritime Policy and Strategy
  • Kobe University, Graduate School of Humanities
  • Kobe University, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
  • School of Political Sciences, University of Haifa
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The main value of establishing this network is to begin to dislodge the research
questions from national port or shipping line concerns and singular academic
disciplines to explore questions posed at a super-national or even global level.
Besides, the added-value of dialogue and co-writing of 1-2 research grant
proposals between these researchers is the inclusion of academic perspectives and approaches of humanities, social and technical sciences, which defines the research management approach of this network. The combination of disciplines,
nationalities, and locations will contribute to truly innovative research ideas for
future collaboration on the aftermath of Covid 19, natural disasters, and the
dynamic changes of the shipping industry and the impact on ports constructed and financed by individual nations.
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/12/2022

    Research areas

  • Maritime, shipping, ports, Denmark, Japan, Israel,

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