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Genomic selection in grasses

Project: Research

  • Janss, Luc (Project manager)
  • Jensen, Just (Project manager)
  • Ashraf, Bilal (Participant)
  • Fé, Dario (Participant)
  • Jensen, Christian Sig (Project coordinator)
  • Pedersen, Morton Greve (Participant)
  • DLF
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The aim of the ForageSelect program is to develop new breeding tools for grasses based on genomic prediction. The project will develop genotyping technology based on sequencing (genotyping by sequencing) that can be used in outbred family-based breeding programs, and models for association mapping and genomic prediction for data from breeding trials. The project will improve the simultaneous selection for multiple traits in grass breeding.
Effective start/end date01/08/201101/08/2015

ID: 129083925