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The future mink production - focus on housing of mink

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The purpose of the project is to initiate sustainable solutions for the future mink production based on existing knowledge about the domesticated farm mink's biology. For decades, the cage system (including nest boxes) has been relatively unchanged in mink production despite the fact that several conditions have changed, for example (1) mink's growing size, (2) knowledge about mink's biology, including more knowledge about farm mink's behavioural and physiological preferences/needs, (3) common interest in animal welfare and debate about keeping mink in cages/for their fur, (4) demand for a high production efficiency to maintain an cost-effective and sustainable Danish production. Therefore, there is a need to initiate research in "The future mink production". One of these aspects is development of ideas for new solutions for housing which satisfies the need (points 1-4) in the years to come. What would a housing system for mink look like should we design it today?
Several stakeholders participate in collaboration in the project to obtain useful solutions. The project applies for support for (1) a series of experiments with principles for an optimum nest box for mink, (2) collaboration with companies and farmers regarding further development of housing for mink, (3) a pilot study testing mink's use of outdoor area.
The purpose is to promote the future mink production supplemented with initiatives (e.g. improved nest box) useful to animal welfare and production economics in Danish mink farms.
The project is financed by the Danish Pelt Levy Foundation.
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2023

    Research areas

  • mink, housing, welfare, sustainability

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