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From Global Social Rights to Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Intellectual History of Two Alternative Responses to Global Inequality, 1970-2000

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This project is a comparative intellectual history of the ideas of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and of global social and economic rights. The latter have lost their grip on the global agenda since the 1970s, whereas global CSR has gone from being marginal to being a central paradigm for how to think about social and economic development. The core thesis of the project is that there is a relationship between these two developments, namely that they are competing discourses for the provision of social and economic welfare. With a main emphasis on the 1970s, the project traces the intellectual roots, defenses, and critiques of these two sets of ideas; it investigates their positioning in economic discourse; and it integrates this intellectual history into an account of how selected organizations have engaged in the battle to define the social rights and responsibilities of corporations, nation-states, and individuals.
Effective start/end date16/10/201415/10/2016

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  • Human rights, CSR, Intellectual history, Globalization, Capitalism



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