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Flycloud - digitalizing insect production

Project: Research

  • Nørgaard, Jan Værum (Participant)
  • Berggreen, Ida Elisabeth (Participant)
  • Poulsen, Janne Møller (Participant)
  • Lind, Jane (Project manager)
  • Lind, Carsten (Participant)
  • Egsgaard, Johan (Participant)
  • Jakobsen, Emil (Participant)
  • Toppenberg, Jens (Participant)
  • Enorm
  • Consibio IVS
  • Dept. of Animal Science, Aarhus University
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The outcome of the project is a digital tool (to be named Flycloud) that collect realtime data from an industrial-scale Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) production and organize and visualize the data to make it more accessible for the production staff to monitor the production efficiency. The digital tool will link gas emission measurements and production parameters into key performance indicators (KPI), such as e.g. BSFL growth, feed utilization and emissions of GHG.

First main target (WP1) is to identify the most important production and environment KPIs. In the next target (WP2 – the scientific part) we will create knowledge about the relationship between CO2, NH3 and O2 data and feed utilization and growth of BSFL. The next target (WP3) is to develop and test Flycloud by validating the sensors needed and develop software and algorithms. At last (WP4) the tools will be tested and optimized in the production facilities at Enorm Biofactory A/S.

The experiments conducted in this project on digestion, metabolism and emissions of BSFL, will show the relationship between some of the KPIs e.g. emission of gasses vs. feed composition and feed composition vs. feed utilization. The results will tell how the larvae are utilizing different nutrient sources in the feed and make it possible to adjust the feeding if irregular data are shown on Flycloud that can be associated with the feed. This will make it possible to meet the same production standard in each batch.
The project is financed by GUDP.
Effective start/end date01/08/202031/12/2023

    Research areas

  • calorimetry, respirometry, Black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, nutrition, greenhouse gasses, insect production

ID: 198100080