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State-of-the-art data warehousing technology supports the definition and maintenance of data warehouses and the related querying and analysis tools. However, current data warehousing technology offers very little of the flexibility that is needed in order to design and maintain data warehouses that remain relevant as data sources and information needs change. The primary purpose of FlexHouse is to identify and create methods that support flexible and yet efficient data modeling in data warehousing environments. In particular, it is the purpose of the project to identify and develop methods that satisfy the following requirements.
1. Flexibility with respect to evolving data sources. As time passes the data sources of a data warehouse are likely to change. Such changes introduce a need for flexibility.
2. Flexibility with respect to changing information needs. As time passes the information needs of data warehouse users will change. Such changes introduce a need for flexibility.
3. Management of heterogeneous data. The combination of historical data and evolving data warehouse schemes makes it necessary to manage heterogeneous data formats.
4. Efficiency with respect to view management. A data warehouse should support efficient query processing as defined by the users' information needs and it should support efficient view refreshment as the data sources change.
Effective start/end date01/01/199801/05/2001

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