Fermentation-induced valorization of side stream blends from oilseed and dairy industry

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Sustainable production which, among others, addresses waste reduction and the exploration of innovative ways to increase resource efficiency, is one of the major challenges of the food chain. This project addresses the valorization of two side streams, namely press cakes from organic oilseed processing and whey from cheese production, through fermentation, to create platform products with improved technological and nutritional functionality. Especially small and medium sized organic seed oil producers and dairy companies are challenged by an adequate handling and meaningful utilization of their side streams. By combining the aforementioned side streams, process circularity will be strengthened, and the strategies developed in this project can be exploited by different actors in the food supply chain. Pre- and posttreatment procedures of raw materials and the fermented blends will reduce antinutritional compounds, increase fermentability and ensure sensory quality and food safety. Processing methodologies thereby will pay attention to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, aiming at creating more climate friendly food platforms.

Fermentation of the combined side streams is the key step to obtain safe and adequate products through microbial activity. Subsequent to adequate post-treatment, we aim at developing a series of solutions for the obtained platform products, with beverages, semi-solid spreads and snacks being the target model applications. We expect a substantial increase of knowledge concerning processing and fermentation of blends of oilseed press cakes and whey resulting in tailored food products.

This project brings together the competencies of 4 partners from Denmark, Germany, Italy and Poland, and of 2 institutes from Spain and Turkey who contribute as associated partners. Nine NGOs and 15 companies from 5 EU countries are the primary addressates for implementation of the results.
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/03/2024


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