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Exploring and developing novel design approaches for natural wind ventilation of housing stocks in Denmark

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In countries with cold winters such as Denmark, there is growing evidence for proliferating overheating in summer times, as a result of climate change, since the retention of winter heat has been the main focus of the thermal design. Hence, buildings become more uncomfortable for their occupants during hot summers. To tackle this challenge, we use tectonics architecture theory and its generative potential to incorporate/adapt passive strategies for buildings in line with their cultural/society context, besides the experimental and engineering analysis of the indoor environment. This interdisciplinary project operates in a 3-year plan, aiming to demonstrate that the development of passive architecture approaches for natural wind ventilation, is an effective, sustainable, and feasible solution to summertime comfort in Denmark. The outcome contributes to preventing extra energy consumption and CO2, towards enhancing the health and well-being of building occupants.

- The project was funded by the Independent Danish Research Fund (DFF)
- Credit to Masey Ghadimi Zaker for contributing to the initial drafts of the project description
Short titleClimate-Responsive Renovation
Effective start/end date01/07/202130/06/2024

ID: 212865170