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eXbus - Explore Bullying in School. Subproject: 'The significance of childhood experiences of bullying in adult life'

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  • Research Programme in Diversity and Learning
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'The significance of childhood experiences of bullying in adult life' is a subproject under eXbus that is being carried out in cooperation with Charlotte Mathiassen. The focus of the project is on how adults describe the experiences of bullying in childhood from the positions of: the bullies, the victims, the "bully-victims", and the witnesses. At the same time, the project strives to develop knowledge that can contribute to more nuanced understandings of what bullying in childhood can mean in adult life. How do different adults of different ages and gender and with different careers and jobs describe their experiences of bullying at school now as adults? How does one deal with life as an adult when one has bullied others? When one watched as others were bullied? When one has been bullied? And what if they have moved between positions during their time at school? The project studies how the experiences adults have had with bullying at school become integrated and transformed in adult life - that is, with focus on all the above-mentioned positions. What do the people do with their experiences with bullying - at work, in their families, in their circle of friends, and in their self-understanding. The project is inspired by among other things culture psychological thinking and activity theory as well as poststructuralistic thinking. We use qualitative methods - primarily individual interviews and group interviews.
Effective start/end date18/12/201031/12/2017

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