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"Somewhere in the former Soviet Union"

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I am currently working on a research project supported by the The Danish Council for Independent Research (FKK) concerned with the representation of Eastern European political spaces in recent Western European and American novels by authors such as Alexander Hemon and Jonathan Franzen and films by directors such as Ulrich Seidl and Philippe Grandrieux. These works depict the post-Soviet East as complex cultural and political spaces, where past and future, East and West, the individual and the collective, the particular and the universal confront each other and give rise to new interpretations of both the Cold War and the era that follows. These interpretations engage critically with the stereotypical views on the recent political history of Eastern Europe promoted in Western media and popular culture. The artistic representations of the East thereby also open up new perspectives on the politics of the West. The project is particularly interested in this dialectics as an aesthetic strategy for political engagement today.
Effective start/end date01/08/201031/07/2013

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