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The effects of special education efforts on children with diminished functionality

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At the end of the 1980s, an intention to de-categorize special education measures was developed on the basis of international statements of intent - an intention that was anchored in an understanding that the child's difficulties are not exclusively inherent in the individual but, to a high degree, dependent on circumstances.  Thus, a great deal of the responsibility was put on the environment, on the local community, on the school, on parents, etc. The focus was placed on the school's social and cultural space, particularly because the way a child enters into social interaction is decisive for his or her ability to learn and develop.  During the same period, the development of inclusive learning environments was put on the international agenda; a challenge we in Denmark have had difficulty living up to.  Thus, the development of segregation measures is still increasing - inter alia, in the form of various group solutions.  Even though there is a political intent to include children in local learning environments in a way that optimizes their chances for learning, participation, and development, we do not have much insight into what educational tools are most appropriate for which groups of children. The project is located in the tension between, on one hand, a recognition of the fact that some children will need special support, regardless of how educationally ideal the conditions are in general education and, on the other hand, the intent to include children in local learning environments in a way that optimizes their development opportunities. The goal of the project is to provide increased insight into and knowledge of (special) educational tools for different categories of pupils.  Bilingualism is included as a special parameter for the pupils, where it is relevant and for cultural analysis generally.
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