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Technology can be a powerful agent, affecting in different ways social and work practices of everyday life. However and despite huge investments to establish technologies in educational settings, the unique benefits technology can offer are not always exploited efficiently, within the education context. “Educational Design & Technology” aims to research ways that technologies can promote education. The project explores the space within, across, and beyond educational institutions and follows two paths (a) exploring educational designs that integrate existing technologies into innovative educational practices, and (b) developing new forms of educational technologies that enable new ways of teaching and learning. As such, the “Educational Design & Technology” project takes up the challenge of thinking forward about new learning experiences that align well with the classroom of the future.
The objective of the project is to research and experiment with use of technology in innovative educational practices. The project aims at exploring and designing: technological tools in / for education technology-driven activities for educational interactions and experiences CSCL in formal and informal contexts open and online educational environments.
Research questions
The projects addresses the following research questions:
- What interactions and experiences emerge from which educational designs and technologies?
- How to enhance and promote collaborative, creative, and innovative educational interactions and experiences through utilising the potentials of technologies within education?
- How can ICT facilitate, enhance, and promote assessment in HE?
- How can the potential of innovative interfaces, such as touch, haptic, or tangible interfaces, be utilized to enhance learning and teaching in educational contexts?
- What is the potential of gamification, games, and playfulness in education?
- What is the potential of open educational practices that move beyond institutional borders?
Effective start/end date01/01/201531/12/2018


Research outputs

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