DFF-green transmission project: Impact of plant-based diet on the consumption of health promoting microRNA’s

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With today’s climate changes and limited resources, the availability of high quality proteins for consumption is increasingly challenged. Plant-based alternative protein sources has been identified. However, animal based food ingredients (e.g. milk) contains exosomes encapsulating microRNA (miRNA) with health beneficial properties. Thus, minor compounds of importance for health are provided by the food and we are currently lacking knowledge about these in plant-based diets. To deliver this, the aim of this project is to map dietary plants that contains exosomes with miRNA and provide proof-of-concept by demonstrating that the exosomes are prone to processing, digestion and has biological activity. This is done by 1) documenting the content of exosomes and miRNA in dietary plants, 2) determine the stability towards food processing and human digestion and 3) deliver knowledge on the health beneficial properties of the exosomes and how to increase the health potential of plants.
Effective start/end date01/01/202101/06/2024


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