Danberry – Sustainable production of Danish berries and development of high value crops

Project: Research

  • Gartnerirådgivningen
  • Planteskolen Vester Skovgaard
  • GASA Nordgrønt
  • Frederiksdal Gods
  • Kogsbøllegård
  • Gårdagergård
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The overall aim is to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of berries for processing. The project covers different perspectives of berry production from field to processed products. Conversion to organic farming is one of the steps that can strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish commercial berry production. To optimize current growing systems for blackcurrant combined and optimised fertilisation and weed control regimes are developed. To prevent fungal diseases in organic sour cherries and to ensure a high yield, the project will develop new environmentally friendly cropping and disease control methods. Introduction of new berry species, for which there is less international competition, can potentially strengthen the Danish berry production The project will also develop processing methods and prototypes of high-value products of blackcurrants and sour cherries with focus on wine made on sour cherries, fruit wine vinegars and gourmet juices.
Because of the project, the area with organic blackcurrant is expected to increase from 18 ha to 450 ha through optimization of nutrient and weed management. In sour cherry the area is expected to increase from 3 ha to 250 ha due to higher planting density and new training systems resulting in earlier fruit set, more gentle machine harvest and less problems with diseases. The expectation is that both conventional and organic growers can add value to their berry production by growing cultivars with specific high value traits and by the introduction of new berry species with less international competition. A number of berry species suitable for machine harvest will be tested and described.
The project includes processing companies who will develop high value products like sour cherry wine, gourmet juice, fruit vinegars and fruit candy from specific cultivars of blackcurrant, sour cherry and other berry crops targeted the home market as well as for export.
Funding: GUDP og GAU
Collaborators: HortiAdvice Scandinavia A/S, Planteskolen Vester Skovgård (nursery), Samsø Bær (Berry products), Frederiksdal Gods (cherry and cherry wine producer), Kogsbøllegård (blackcurrant producer) and Gårdagergård (cherry and berry producer)
Effective start/end date01/10/201330/09/2017


ID: 129075659