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COVID-19 Health Literacy School Principals Survey (Denmark)

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COVID-HL School Principals Survey aims at exploring burden and stress that school principals and school administrators (e.g., deputy principals or members of the school management team) experience in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. An international network was established to enable research on health literacy within the framework of COVID-19. The COVID-HL Network is understood as a cooperative and collaborative approach which is based on the idea of joint generation of knowledge/evidence and its open distribution. At the moment, more than 100 researchers from 50 countries and located on five continents are involved in the COVID-HL Network.

In particular, the study focuses on the following research questions:
- What is the level of work-related stress for school principals during the COVID-19 pandemic?
- How are school principals dealing with work-related stress? To what extent school principals apply maladaptive coping strategies at the workplace?
- What is the mental health situation of school principals?
- What is the relationship between the current working situation of school principals and their mental health?
- What is the Sense of Coherence (SoC) level of school principals in the time of COVID-19?
- What is the level of corona-specific health literacy among school principals?
- Are there any associations between SoC and health literacy and school principals’ health?
- What school health promotion measures are implemented in schools during COVID-19?

Supported by the World Health Organization, the Health Promoting School (HPS) is considered the most promising approach to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing in the school setting. In contrast to behavioural interventions, the HPS framework is rooted in a determinants-based and structural approach, referring to a holistic intervention approach in which health is promoted in a systematic and asset-based way. HPS is aiming at different levels of the school (teaching, organization, staff, school environment) and involves all relevant groups inside and outside school such as teachers, school leaders, and schoolchildren, as well as parents and school related stakeholders. In context of school closures and restrictions, the question arises whether and to what extent health-promoting measures are currently undertaken by the school.

Short titleCOVID-HL: School Principals (DK)
Effective start/end date01/09/202130/06/2022

    Research areas

  • Health literacy, COVID-19, School leaders, Survey research, health and wellbeing, public schools

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