Correct WelFur-Mink assessment of partial weaning of large litters at 42 days

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The purpose of the project is to create a professional basis for a correct WelFur-Mink assessment by partial weaning of large litter at 42 days, as is often practiced in Denmark. In WelFur-Mink, the effect of partial weaning is assessed in the same way as other weaning procedures, while the documented positive effect on wounds and injuries is assessed under 'absence of injury'. There is no scientific evidence that partial weaning affects my welfare differently than normal weaning. The proportion of kits weaned by 6 weeks will therefore get the same assessment as at full weaning at 6 weeks. This gives a poorer assessment in relation to 1) the age of weaning; 2) The distance between dams and kits after weaning. If this is to be changed, there must be scientific basis for interpreting partial weaning differently than normal weaning. The current basis for assessing welfare at different ages is based on knowledge about the effect on dams and kits. The effects are primarily measured as calls between bitches and puppies, such as stereotypes in dams and kits, both immediately after weaning and long-term effects measured in autumn around the change of fur (3-4 months after weaning).

The project is financed by Pelsdyrafgiftsfonden
Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2019


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