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Cocreating a play-based social learning methodology with children on the autism spectrum

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CollaboLearn aims to increase social competence of autistic children by catalyzing a transformation of the approach to social learning in specialized and general education. We do this by developing a new, play-based methodology for social learning that enables children, teachers, and parents to co-create social learning curricula through easily applicable play activities that also provide systematic pedagogical development. CollaboLearn is an early prevention solution to the increasing societal challenge of lacking integration of autistic citizens. Autistic children, parents, teachers, and school leaders participated in designing the project. We collaborate with international learning-through-play researchers and specialists, and with autistic children and their adults. In this way we end up with a theoretically solid and empirically validated outcome that has the different users’ needs and interests encoded in its very DNA. The outcome meets an unmet need for evidence-based methodologies for better societal inclusion of autistic citizens and thus creates value in the form of municipal cost savings. At the individual level, CollaboLearn empowers
children to learn from their existing sociality in order to develop social strategies that increases their chance of forming relationships that carry into adulthood.
Short titleCollaboLearn
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