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Climate friendly and SUSTAINable ORGANIC food and diets

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Organic food production can contribute to achieve a range of common goods like reduced use of pesticides, improved biodiversity, maintained soil quality and occupation and added value of production in rural areas depending on the demand for organic food. The market (such as the public kitchens, the food service sector, canteens, public kitchens etc.) is increasingly demanding climate-friendly and sustainable food, but have no tools to optimize according to all these aspects in the meal planning. By including both the climate profile of the food and the other environmental impacts (such as biodiversity, pesticide use), which is particular relevant for organic food, the diet guidance will be able to stimulate increased organic food consumption. The project will identify the most important organic food items in professional kitchens, cluster these in the most relevant product groups according to nutritional profile and expected environmental impact, estimate the environmental profile of the most important foods and food groups and, based on that, provide guidance on environmentally friendly food choices. Based on accepted environmental friendly food patterns with increased proportion of organic foods, the overall contribution to Danish environmental and other societal goals will be estimated.
Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2022

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