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Denmark has one of the highest incidence rates of childhood cancer among high-income countries. The diagnostic process of childhood cancer can be challenging in general practice, as children with cancer in early stages often present with non-specific and vague symptoms. In childhood cancer, age and tumor type seems to be main factors related to the time intervals, in the pathway from first symptom to until start of treatment. Parental socioeconomic factors may play an important role in the routes to diagnosis in childhood cancer.
This project consists of two sub-projects:
The aim of study I is to describe and analyze how the routes to childhood cancer diagnosis vary for different parental socioeconomic factors.
The aim of study II is to describe the use of primary care two years preceding a childhood cancer diagnosis and to clarify if socioeconomic factors have an influence on the utilization of consultation, diagnostic tests and out of hours health care services
Effective start/end date01/08/201730/04/2018


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