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The target group of "Realkompetenceløft til vækst" is employees who are early school leavers. Individuals in this group and companies that employ many early school leavers make limited use of the formal education system.  This is a problem, because the companies hamper their own growth when the flexibility and mobility of employees is limited internally. It can also put restraints on the individual employee's opportunities on the rest of the labour market. It has been documented that this lack of use of the education system is due not least to a number of structural factors. This applies to both the company itself and the cooperation between the company and the education system. Furthermore, employees' own relatively low motivation to participate in formal education plays a decisive role. Their low motivation is a result of among other things negative experiences during their time at school. In order to overcome the negative barriers, it is important to show how learning and change can only take place on the basis of the knowledge and competences one already has, and that it is therefore important to link the practices of working life and educational upgrading closely together. Specifically, the project is about making continuing education and further education  offers more attractive and motivating for those who do not usually take part in them. This can be achieved by supporting companies and their employees in conducting a real competence assessment, focusing on the individual's complete competency profile and coupling the professional assessment directly to the education system. The project supports schools, companies and employees in making visible the learning that takes place in the day to day work. At the same time, focus will be on creating the basis for supplemented real competences with formal upgrading, for example in the context of continuing vocational training. The research project at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University assesses 1) the degree to which the project succeeds in developing and testing tools for real competence assessment, which can form the basis for using new forms of learning that are close to practice as a supplement to well-known formal education offers; 2) the degree to which the project succeeds in developing general and specific educational courses and programmes. The project being assessed is run by CEUS: Center for Erhverv og Uddannelse Storstrøm .
Effective start/end date01/11/200731/12/2009

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  • Accreditation of prior learning, learning, organisational learning

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