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The aim of the Centre for person-centered rehabilitation research, Aarhus University, is to support the municipalities in developing, using, and communicating evidence-based methods in rehabilitation. The implementation of knowledge is ensured through practice-oriented research and development projects. Projects are based on issues defined by persons and professionals jointly and should focus on how the rehabilitation process affects the person. Results should add to the existing national and international evidence base and new knowledge should be able to be implemented in practice. Involvement of persons and professionals in rehabilitation is achieved using "Patient and Public Involvement", a method that is evidence-based and systematically engages end-users in rehabilitation. The goal is to establish a university research clinic which will deliver a knowledge-based foundation for the delivery of core services in rehabilitation. The conditions for establishing the Centre as a university research clinic are for now assumed to be production of minimum 20 international scientific articles annually and three completed PhD programmes primarily funded by external sources.The work of the Centre is based on a political healthcare agreement between municipalities, general practitioners and Central Denmark Region. In the agreement, the vision for a unified healthcare system is described as: a healthcare system on the citizen’s terms, health solutions close to the person, and more equality in healthcare. The Centre has been established by Aarhus Municipality, Central Denmark Region, Department of Public Health (Aarhus University), and MarselisborgCentret. The research department DEFACTUM, VIA University College, and Aarhus University hospital are involved in work as partners of the Centre.Initially, the cooperation with Aarhus Municipality concerns research and development on the priority areas cardiac rehabilitation and low back pain rehabilitation. For each priority area, research questions are formulated by persons and professionals jointly. The professionals are from the municipal divisions involved in rehabilitation as well as researchers from the Centre.
Effective start/end date01/08/201731/08/2020


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