Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe

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The project Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a SustainableEurope (BASE) is a four year FP7 research project that will focus on the key problems of adaptation strategies. It will do this by examining simultaneously the general policy at the EU and national level and actual activities at local and regional levels. This combination will provide new insights and knowledge support for adaptation strategy development processes. BASE will also provide baseline estimates of costs that can be avoided through adaptation, as well as analyses of no- or low-regrets costs for adaptation at sectorial, national, and EU level. Case studies will be clustered and made comparable across countries and in order to provide new empirical data that can be used and reanalysed in integrated assessment modelling. The aim is to test and analyse ways of bridging the gap between top-down and bottom-up approaches in evaluating adaptation policies and measures.
Effective start/end date01/10/201231/12/2016



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