BIOlogical response RATES to current rates of enviormnetal changes

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Earth environmental and biological setup is changing due to human activities, a transformation that is leaving lasting impacts on biodiversity. These changes are often described in terms of accelerated species extinctions and shifts in species geographical ranges. As a consequence, conservation efforts have focused on species at risk (endangered) instead of considering variations in species assemblage composition. Also, the interactions across multiple trophic levels are not consider, even as these are an essential modulator of the functions and services nature provides. BIORATES aims to define how much changes can we expect in biodiversity composition and interaction structure accords trophic levels due to the current ongoing transformation of the biosphere. Using Trees as a study system, BIORATES is evaluating how much does β‐diversity (variation in composition) in three different ecological dimensions (species, functional traits and phylogenetic relations) change in space, and the role of present and past climate as a driver of these changes. Also, BIORATES is also assessing the biological structure (i.e., species, functional traits, and genetic composition) of producers (i.e., vascular plants) and consumer (i.e., birds and mammals) and how will global change phenomena will affect the interaction between these.

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This project aims at defining how fast will species compositions and the interactions of these within and across trophic levels change due to the humans transformation of the environment
Short titleBIORATES
Effective start/end date01/07/201831/12/2022


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