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Bioactive secondary metabolites in wheat – a hitherto underexploited resistance mechanism against Fusarium Head Blight infection and the biosynthesis of mycotoxins

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  • University of Nagoya
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
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The aim of the project is to identify the molecular interactions between key secondary metabolites from wheat and the proteins responsible for the biosynthesis of Fusarium mycotoxins.

The project will cover four phases:

1. Identification of secondary metabolite in wheat kernels as a function of wheat growth stage and exposure to Fusarium infection.

2. Identification of the biomolecular interactions between wheat SMs and Fusarium proteins employing transgenic yeasts.

3. Expression, purification and identification of key proteins of Fusarium responsible for the mycotoxin biosynthesis.

4. Identification of in vitro protein-SM interactions using mass spectrometry.

The ultimate goal is to provide information for wheat breeders in order to develop wheat plants with SM profiles resulting in inhibition of production of the Fusarium mycotoxins


HPLC, mass spectrometry (quadropole, ion trap and TOF), UV/DAD detection, accelerated solvent extraction, in vitro Fusarium inhibition, transgenic yeast, protein expression, protein purification, protein characterization, quantification of protein-small molecule interaction
Effective start/end date01/06/201331/05/2016

    Research areas

  • Analytical chemistry, HPLC, mass spectrometry, Fusarium, mycotoxins, proteins, resistance, inhibition

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