BALCOFISH: Integration of pollutant gene responses and fish ecology in Baltic coastal fisheries and management

  • Strand, Jakob (Project manager)
  • Dahllöf, Ingela (Participant)
  • Storm, Lars Mølgaard (Participant)
  • Tairova, Zhanna (Participant)
  • Søborg, Birgit (Participant)
  • Jensen, Dorete Weysmann (Participant)

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    The purpose of the BALCOFISH project is to build a network of scientists and environmental managers working with coastal fish species of the Baltic Sea. The modern society utilizes more man-made chemicals than ever before. Many of these end up in the coastal environment as chemical mixtures, impacting the well-being of organisms (including ourselves). For this purpose it is important to unravel causal links between the current pollution situation and effects observed in the field. To establish such links we will develop novel toxicogenomics approaches and integrate these with existing early effects biomarkers. These responses will be anchored to effects relevant to the sustainability of coastal fish populations of the Baltic Sea, such as reproduction, larvae development and population dynamics. The project will explore and establish eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) as a coastal indicator organism for assessing acceptable impacts of pollutants in the Baltic Sea areas.

    Approaches will be explored and strategies will be tested in the 6 work packages.

    The BALCOFISH project is funded by BONUS, Baltic Orgnisations Network for Funding Sciences. More information about BONUS you will find on the BONUS homepage:

    Jakob Strand (AU/NERI/MAR) is WP1 leader. AU/NERI/MAR is also joining other WPs.

    Project coordinator: Lars Förlin, Gotenburg University.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2011