Autonomous inspection of Offshore Wind Turbines using Aerial Vehicles

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    The goal is to develop algorithms that can allow a UAV to perform visual inspection of an offshore wind turbine, fully autonomously, without any pilot intervention. The UAV, which is a quadcopter equipped with a high resolution camera and several onboard sensors will start from a platform and return back to its starting point after the inspection procedure is complete. The drone needs to inspect all the parts of the turbine by collecting good quality images of all the critical parts, such as the turbine's blades and hub. In order for the drone to complete the inspection task successfully, problems related to path planning, control and localization need to be addressed. The algorithms will be developed in a simulation environment (AirSim) and will be deployed on hardware for testing at a later stage.
    Effective start/end date01/05/202101/05/2022


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