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Area Based Input Output Modelling (AIOM): An integrated model for evaluation of direct and indirect environmental and economic consequences of policy scenarios for Danish agriculture

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  • Termansen, Mette (Project manager)
  • Cong, Rong-Gang (Participant)
  • Dalgaard, Tommy (Participant)
  • Nainggolan, Doan (Participant)
  • Madsen, Bjarne (Participant)
  • Stefaniak, Irena (Participant)
  • Jensen, Jørgen Dejgård (Participant)
  • CRT
  • IFRO, KU
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The AIOM project proposes to link local biotechnology innovation with GIS and Danish CGE model (LINE) to investigate the effects of biorefinery on regional and national employment, economic and environmental outputs. AIOM consists of 3 interrelated tasks i) a cost-benefit analysis of local environmental-economic effects of introducing green biorefineries into Danish agriculture [1]; ii) policy scenarios based on GIS information; iii) Input-Output analysis linking changes in local agriculture to the regional and national wide impacts due to the inter-linkages between the geographical locations and economic sectors. The project methodology is widely applicable to a large range of research on the potentials of local technology innovation
Effective start/end date01/01/201531/12/2016

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