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An Intelligent Environment for Increased Validity of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Home blood pressure measurement is considered a valid method for monitoring the blood pressure of patients with hypertension and other blood pressure related conditions provided that the best-practice recommendations for obtaining the measurements are followed. Some activities are reported as potential sources of error. This includes time of medication intake, speaking or moving during measurement, stance and several others. Such erroneous activities may result in biased readings potentially leading to over- or under-medication of the patients by their physicians.

The first objective of this study is to investigate whether it is possible to increase the validity of the measurements by using various sensor technologies to better guide the user through the recommended process. If we are able to sense different aspects of user-activity, we might be able to guide the user to abstain from erroneous activities and achieve more valid blood pressure readings. The second objective is to use the sensor data to give an indication of the level of validity of the data. For instance, the level of noise at the time of the measurement could be included as meta-data along with other relevant factors. Such meta-data will provide physicians and other stakeholders with a quantifiable indication of the validity of the blood pressure data obtained, which may be helpful for diagnostic purposes. The third objective is to test whether the users, patients, physicians and other stakeholders will find this technology usable and whether it is feasible to implement in the homes of the users.
Effective start/end date01/09/200917/04/2013

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