MRC/CSHL Summer Workshop 'Biology of Social Cognition'

  • Sip, Kamila Ewa (Recipient)

    Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions


    The past few years have seen remarkable advances in our knowledge of genetics, molecular, and neural factors that contribute to social behaviour. At the same time, sophisticated analytical and theoretical approaches have helped to make sense of the data.

    This week-long workshop aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these topics. Whilst the emphasis will be on social cognition in humans, there will also will be study days dedicated to state-of-the-art presentations on comparative approaches and evelutionary models. Finally, all themes will be related to the clinical consequences of dysfunctional social cognition, and the role of translational research.

    The Medical Research Council in partnership with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is hosting an inter-disciplinary summer workshop on the Biology of Social Cognition. July 22 - 29, 2007, St Anne’s College, Oxford, UK
    Granting OrganisationsCold Spring Harbor Laboratory