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Peter M. Boenisch


Peter M. Boenisch

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Via LMU Munich, the University of Kent, and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama/University of London, I have arrived at AU in June 2019. My main research areas are in the fields of theatre direction and institutional contexts of theatre-making, with a particular focus on the German- and Dutch-speaking countries. My interest is, in particular, in the intersections of aesthetics and politics in contemporary theatre, interrogating issues such as spectatorship, the conditions of theatre production, and transcultural and postmigrant theatre from a European perspective. Following my work on the theory and practice of contemporary theatre direction, in Directing Scenes & Senses: The Thinking of Regie (Manchester University Press 2015), the book The Theatre of Thomas Ostermeier (Routledge 2016), coauthored with the German theatre director, as well as the edited projects Littlewood - Strehler - Planchon (with Clare Finburgh) in the Methuen series Great European Stage Directors, and the 30th anniversary re-issue of David Bradby and David Williams's Directors' Theatre (Macmillan Red Globe 2020), I have now embarked on a new 3-year project, funded by Aarhus University Foundation: "Reconfiguring dramaturgy for a global culture: Changing practices in 21st century European theatre". Its aim is to scope comparative case studies of how theatre institutions, mainly in the subsidised public theatre sector, reorientate in response to challenges such as globalisation and digitalisation, but also migration and new political populisms. The major focus of attention will be on contexts of "second cities", with the aim to analyse the specific situation beyond the major cosmopolitan European centres such as Berlin, London, Paris, Copenhagen, and elsewhere. In this context, we have also launched a new research group, "Paradigms of Dramaturgy: Arts, Institutions and the Social", within the IKK's interdisciplinary research programme Cultural Transformations at AU.

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