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Yong Chen

Prof. Yong P. Chen from Purdue University has received a Villum Investigator Grant (https://phys.au.dk/en/news/item/artikel/from-usa-to-aarhus-with-hybrid-quantum-materials/) to establish a new lab on Quantum Materials and Measurements (co-managed by Assistant Prof. Richard Balog) and Center on Hybrid Quantum Materials and Devices at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Research interests of the new lab and Center include:

1) Fabrication and studies of 2D, topological and hybrid quantum materials, structures and devices with novel physical and chemical properties, and potential relevance in quantum information (e.g. computing or sensing) applications;

2) Multi-modal and in-operando measurements (esp. at low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields) of such materials and devices based on or combining electronic transport, optical, scanning probe microscopy and quantum sensing techniques. 

Perspective students and postdocs interested in research opportunities in Chen-Balog lab and Villum Center for Hybrid Quantum Materials and Devices are welcome to contact yongchen@phys.au.dk (Yong) and balog@phys.au.dk (Richard)

A representative PhD project recently announced: "Studies of quantum emitters and single photon sources in layered 2D materials by STM-induced luminescence"

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