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Yanxia Zhang

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, AIAS-COFUND Fellow, Visiting Researcher

Yanxia Zhang


AIAS confound II fellow, Aarhus University

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Nanjing Normal University, China

Room 102, AIAS Building (1630-1632), Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, DK-8000, Aarhus C, Denmark

Email: yanxiazhang@envs.au.dk, yxzhang@njnu.edu.cn


My research topics mainly focus on environment pollutants transportation, transformation, exposure and human health risks.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8315-5371; Web of Science ResearcherID: A-9840-2018


Ya'nan Fan; Yanxia Zhang*; Zhikun Chen; Xinkai Wang; Biao Huang*; Comprehensive assessments of soil fertility and environmental quality in plastic greenhouse production systems, Geoderma, 2021, 385: 114899.

Xinkai Wang; Yanxia Zhang*; Biao Huang; Zhikun Chen; Ming Zhong; Weixi Wang; Xiaofei Liu; Ya’ nan Fan; Wenyou Hu. Atmospheric phthalate pollution in plastic agricultural greenhouses in Shaanxi Province, China, Environmental Pollution, 2021, 269: 116096.

Enze Xie, Yanxia Zhang*, Biao Huang* Yongcun Zhao,Xuezheng Shi Wenyou Hu Mingkai Qu. Spatiotemporal variations in soil organic carbon and their drivers in southeastern China during 1981-2011. Soil and Tillage Research. 2021, 205, 104763.

Ya’nan Fan, Yanxia Zhang*, Fabian Hess, Biao Huang, Zhikun Chen. Nutrient balance and soil changes in plastic greenhouse vegetable production. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 2020, 117: 77-92.

Ya’nan Fan, Yanxia Zhang, Wan, M., Hu, W., Chen, Z., Huang, B*. Plastic shed production intensified secondary soil salinization in perennial fruit production systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 2021, 316, 107469.

Yanxia Zhang, Biao Huang*, Clive E. Sabel, Marianne Thomsen, Xiangyun Gao, Ming Zhong, Zhikun Chen, Puyang Feng. Oral intake exposure to phthalates in vegetables produced in plastic greenhouses and its health burden in Shaanxi province, China, Science of The Total Environment. 2019, 696.

Mengmeng Jia, Yanxia Zhang, Biao Huang*, Haidong Zhang. Source apportionment of selenium and influence factors on its bioavailability in intensively managed greenhouse soil: A case study in the east bank of the Dianchi Lake, China. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2019, 170, 238-245. 

Yanxia Zhang, Biao Huang*, Marianne Thomsen, Clive E. Sabel, F. Hess, W. Hu, and K. Tian. One overlooked source of phthalate exposure - oral intake from vegetables produced in plastic greenhouses in China. Science of The Total Environment, 2018, 642:1127-1135.

Yanxia Zhang1, S. Qu1, J. Zhao, G. Zhu, Y. Zhang, X. Lu, Clive E. Sabel, and Haikun Wang*. Quantifying regional consumption-based health impacts attributable to ambient air pollution in China. Environment International, 2018, 112:100-106.

Yanxia Zhang, M. Wang, Biao. Huang*, M. S. Akhtar, W. Hu, and E. Xie. Soil mercury accumulation, spatial distribution and its its source identification in an industrial area of the Yangtze Delta, China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2018, 163:230-237.

Haikun Wang*, Yanxu Zhang, Hongyan Zhao, Xi Lu*, Yanxia Zhang, Chris Nielsen, Weimo Zhu, Xin Li, Qiang Zhang, Jun Bi*. Trade-driven relocation of air pollution and health impacts in China. Nature communications, 2017, 8:738.

Wenyou Hu, Yanxia Zhang, Biao Huang*, Ying Teng. Soil environmental quality in greenhouse vegetable production systems in eastern China: current status and management strategies. Chemosphere, 2017, 170: 183-195.

Ling Ji, Sai Liang, Shen Qu, Yanxia Zhang, Ming Xu*, Xiaoping Jia, Yingtao Jia, Dongxiao Niu, Jiahai Yuan, Yong Hou, Haikun Wang, Anthony Chiu, Xiaojun Hu. Greenhouse gas emission factors of purchased electricity from interconnected grids. Applied Energy, 2016, 184: 751-758.

Yanxia Zhang, Haikun Wang*, Sai Liang, Ming Xu, Qiang Zhang, Hongyan Zhao, Jun Bi*. A dual strategy for controlling energy consumption and air pollution in China's metropolis of Beijing. Energy, 2015, 81: 294-303. 

Haikun Wang*, Yanxia Zhang, Xi Lu, Chris P. Nielsen, Jun Bi*. Understanding China's carbon dioxide emissions from both production and consumption perspectives. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2015, 52: 189-200.

Yanxia Zhang, Haikun Wang*, Sai Liang, Ming Xu, Weidong Liu, Shalang Li, Rongrong Zhang, Chris P. Nielsen, Jun Bi*. Temporal and spatial variations in consumption-based carbon dioxide emissions in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2014, 40: 60-68.



Exploring phthalate contamination of globally traded vegetables produced in plastic greenhouses, Aarhus institute of advanced studies (AIAS Cofound II fellowship), 6/2021-5/2023

Human exposure to phthalates and its regional variations from greenhouse vegetable production and consumption systems, National Science Foundation for Young Scientists of China (250, 000 RMB, My funding), 1/2019-12/2021

Exposure levels of urinary phthalate metabolites for the population in plastic greenhouse vegetable production systems, The State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse Open Foundation (50,000 RMB, My funding), 1/2019-12/2020

New environmental markers trace human and natural change, the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Participant, 1/2020-2024/12

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